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Now and again I share my learnings and work in public places. Here's a list of places and talks I've done so far:

CSUN 2023

CVS Health has started to adopt accessibility annotations in the digital design process. Doing so has had innumerable benefits on the enterprise and customer experiences. Thinking about annotations in the design process influenced the design philosophy, and teams made design decisions that were rarely considered prior. This has improved the experiences of our customers by making digital products more accessible, inclusive, and usable...

Details of Evolving the Design Process with Accessibility Annotations

axe-con 2022

Building a design system is a pivotal way to provide a more consistent user experience across brands, products, and platforms (Web, iOS, and Android). With many stakeholders influencing the enterprise initiative, the design system accessibility team doesn’t always win the first time around.

In this session, learn about some of the challenges we’ve faced when building a design system for a Fortune 500 company. Come away with ideas, suggestions, resources, and learnings to help your team develop, or refine, a consistent, accessible design system for your organization.

Watch Building Accessible Design Systems – Try, Try, Try again
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Looking for advice? Want to nerd out about accessibility or design systems? Have a project for me? What ever it may be, feel free to reach out 🙂

I look forward to hearing from you!
- Daniel

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