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  • Inconsistent consistency within design systems

    The term “consistency” is often thrown around without a clear understanding of its impact within a design system and its consumers. In design meetings, individuals may play the consistency card to support their arguments, yet they suggest entirely different solutions...

    Redesigning Design Systems

  • The path to WCAG 2.2 conformance through our design system

    2 years ago, myself and Meghan Morris spoke at axecon about some of the mistakes we made trying to make design systems accessible. Although I'm not speaking this year, I wanted to share with you a new blog post to celebrate our progress and encourage you to use your design system as a vessel to go above the minimum requirements to create scalable and accessible experiences.

    CVS Health Tech Blog

  • Introducing the Accessibility Annotations Kit for iOS from CVS Health® Inclusive Design

    In November, the CVS Health® Inclusive Design team released the Web Accessibility Annotations Kit. We are thrilled to start off the new year by releasing a second accessibility annotation kit, built specifically to annotate native iOS apps.

    CVS Health Tech Blog

  • Behind the scenes of creating a new Web Accessibility Annotation Kit

    The CVS Health Inclusive Design team has released a new Web Accessibility Annotation Kit on the Figma Community. We want to share how we built these tools and the insights we learned along the way.

    CVS Health Tech Blog

  • Announcing a new Web Accessibility Annotation Kit from CVS Health Inclusive Design

    The CVS Health Inclusive Design team has created new Figma annotation kits for multiple platforms. Today, we are releasing the first of these tools for annotating web accessibility. Our hope is that the Design and Accessibility disciplines use and improve on them so that the internet as a whole may become more accessible.

    CVS Health Tech Blog

  • Building Accessible Design Systems – axe-con 2022

    It's 2023, why am I posting an axe-con talk from 2022? I recently stumbled across the publicly available recording of my "Building Accessible Design Systems – Try, Try, Try again" talk. Since the information and learnings are all still relevant, I wanted to share it here so you can hopefully avoid the same mistakes I did.

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