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It's worth mentioning: My site is still in active development, so most areas are not yet complete. I apologize if you run into something that's not working quite right.

Well here we are, the classic first post!

If you are reading this in 2023, sorry there's not much else on my site right now. There's a lot to say, but so far, not enough time to write it down.

Why a new site? #

In these last three years at CVS Health, I've made so much progress in creating accessible design systems and innovating upon accessibility annotations.

I want to share all that fun knowledge and learnings so it can help you and the people who use your stuff.

My memory isn't great either. My wife often asks me about things we've done in the together, but I frustratingly can't remember them all. Hopefully by storing more of my accessibility knowledge here, there's room for me to remember more of those special memories (Yes I know, brains are not the same as computer memory).

The aim is to keep my writings pretty casual and short. I love to write, I don't like to read. So if you are like me, I want to keep all my articles at a length you can quickly consume and hopefully find valuable.

Stay tuned!

Let's chat

Looking for advice? Want to nerd out about accessibility or design systems? Have a project for me? What ever it may be, feel free to reach out 🙂

I look forward to hearing from you!
- Daniel

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